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I'm an interaction designer based in Chicago Seattle.

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Teachers Know Best:
Making Data Work Report

Web Design, Front-end Development

Education is changing. Schools around the country are beginning to apply data thoughtfully in order to personalize their students’ learning but there is a gap between tools currently on the market and what teachers actually need. The Gates Foundation created as a resource for Ed Tech entrepreneurs to aid the building of more effective digital products. Our team was tasked with investigating the many ways data is used in the classroom.

The results of a workshop with clients and developers where we reviewed teacher needs and concepts and discussed approaches to effecting change and innovation in the EdTech space.

Summary page our findings. We made bold and direct suggestions with statistics to back it up.

Our report was a combination of both quantitative and qualitative research. In order to not overwhelm our audience we peppered blocks, like the one pictured, on the summary page where users could dive deep into our data, in the form of pdfs or excel docs, should they want more.

We interviewed over 4,500 teachers from innovative and mainstream schools, and 15 software developers and identified 9 opportunity areas where teachers need the most help. With each opportunity we provided interview snippets, clear descriptions of the challenge and thought-starters.


Front-end Development, Wordpress Development

How do you connect healthcare professionals interested in transitional care solutions? Our recommendation- an online portal for frontline healthcare professionals to share best practices around reducing hospital readmissions. Users can connect with their peers, take part in discussions, submit or recommend others to write stories about specific issues they’ve encountered.

We found that healthcare professionals were lacking a space to share their experiences and challenges around transitional care. Huddleforcare is that space.

User profile. View their expertise, compare their organization stats to your own or contact them with your questions directly.

On Huddleforcare users can search for solutions by challenge, filter stories by topic or submit their own.

Prasino Engineering

Web Design, Identity, Front-end Development

Prasino is a consulting engineering firm that needed a complete brand refresh. By client request, logo creation focused on the letter P and E and bringing the color green to the forefront. I created a variety of logos ranging from those resembling engineering drafts to others focusing on green technology.

Logo exploration starts on paper, moves to software of choice for further refining before a final design is chosen.

A simple and clean website built on custom CMS allows for blocks of content to be hidden or shifted based on importance and need.

Art & Illustrations

Digital, Printmaking, Photography

I also work beyond digital and service design. I’m a illustrator, printmaker, I create collages, dabble in sewing and pattern making, fashion design, game design and photography.
Here are a few of my personal projects.

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